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Chickpea Tortilla/Vegan Spanish Omelette


Southern Cornbread

Soupalicious Recipes

Crepes with Berries

Gluten-free Breakfast Bars

Shake and Bake Coating for Pickerel or Vegetables

1919 Bread Recipe and gf Bread

Blueberry-Lemon Quick Loaf

Puff Pastry

Rice Crispie Squares for a 'regular' kid


Chocolate Mud Pie

Super Quick Vegan Pea Soup

Apple Brown Betty

Gingersnap Cookies

Brown Sandwich Bread

Provencal Pancakes with Tomato Salsa and Pea Coffee

Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Green Split Pea Soup and Parsley Sauce

New Gluten-Free Recipe Booklet from Pulse Canada

Mythbusters starring East Selkirk Middle School students


Chocolate Brownie recipe

Voyageur Pea Soup

Zucchini and Whole Yellow Pea au Gratin

Socca - Chickpea flatbread

Chocolate Chip Cookie recipes

Marinangeli Banana Muffin

Coconut Cupcakes with Lemon Frosting and Vanilla Madeleines

Shelley Case's gluten-free flour comparison

Marni's Pea-licious Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

Gluten-free Tiramisu

Brazil Yule Cake and Almond Shortbread